Apophyllite with Stilbite
Apophyllite (Clear) with Stilbite, No.1

Weight: 2kgs and 425 grs

Price: £65 

Fish Eye Jasper Slab

Weight: 500 grs

Dimensions: H: 17.5cm x W: 13cm x 

Price: £25


These crystals are sourced from respectful and ethical suppliers. I have chosen personally these crystals for their beautiful energies.

When possible these crystals are cleansed an blessed in the healing waters of the Chalice Gardens in Glastonbury. They can also be energised with Reiki before arriving to you. Please let me know if you would like me to infuse your crystal with Reiki before being sent to you. Gift boxes available.

   The Chalice Garden's Waters   
Hematodie Heart

Weight: 250 grs

Dimensions: H: 2cm x W: 9 cm x  D:8cm

Price: £45

Snow/ Clear and Amethyst Quartz Auric Massage Wand

Weight: 150 grs

Dimensions: Length 15 cm x  With 3cm

Price: £38

Irradiated Sun Iron Pyrite Disc

Weight: 125 grs

Diameter: 8cms

Price: £23

Apophyllite (Clear) with Stilbite, No.2

Weight: 1Kg and 375 grs


Price: £43

Sodalite Auric Massage Wand

Weight: 100 grs

Dimensions: Length 20 cm x  With 2cm

Price: £28

Fossil Dish

Weight: 175 grs

Diameter: 11 cms

Price: £18

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